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Fluxus is an international team of digital specialists across London, Bangkok, and Barcelona helping enterprises with digital. Whether it’s building a new website or an ecommerce platform, integrating multiple systems, or designing your next marketing campaign, we can help.

Highlighted Services

Website Development

While a presence on social media and third-party platforms is indeed useful, your company website remains the primary centre of all key communications and transactions.

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Website Design

Can you judge a website by its design? How your site looks makes a powerful statement about the values that your brand stands for.

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Creative & Content Writing

Say what your audience wants to hear, and they will buy what you have to sell. Our content writers are passionate persuaders who will lend your brand with a voice of credibility that enlivens your story on any medium.

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User Experience Design (UX)

Most people never click past the homepage – not when the UX is working against them. Our UX specialists are dedicated to designing an intuitive and effortless journey across all channels of your platform to create an engaging customer experience on any device.

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Recent News

2018 August 17

UX and Digital for Hotels - Meet Users Needs with Experience Design

Following our introduction to UX for hotels, we look at the wider experience design to help acquire and retain your users.

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2018 August 15

UX and Digital for Hotels - Introduction

Consumers now possess more bargaining power than ever. It is critical for companies to actively interact with consumers in order to stay competitive. In this series of articles, we look at the current UX and digital trends for the hotel industry.

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2018 August 15

Fluxus Experts: Dana Blouin on IoT adoption

Watch Fluxus IoT and Smart City expert Dana Blouin talk about the consumer-led face of IoT adoption

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2018 August 14

Applications of Drupal

This is the fourth article in our introduction to enterprise Drupal. Previously we've looked at enterprise Drupal, an executive summary of Drupal, and taken a deeper dive into how Drupal's flexibility has allowed it to be used in very diverse contexts.

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