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BMW Digital Transformation - Financial Services

Digitally Transforming Customer Relationships

BMW Financial Services was undergoing a digital transformation in 2019, with several projects underway. With a need to “think digitally”, they turned to Fluxus for needed technical skills and market knowledge. We aided in this transformation over a six-month period.

Defining the Goal

The main goal was simple: increase sales. With over 100 years of successful history backing them up, BMW has no problem selling cars, but what they needed here was a strongly-developed digital strategy to help them sell even better. That’s where we came in.

With this task in mind, the first step was an improvement of BMW’s digital customer interaction, so we set out to improve their online presence into something more navigable and easier to understand. To secure new customers, we focused in on using messaging app LINE.

Additionally, we were tasked with creating a marketing campaign for BMW, to identify and deliver potential customers to their sales team ahead of the Thailand International Motor Expo 2019.

Solutions and Processes

Fluxus assigned a four-person team to this project: a principal consultant, two service designers, and a marketing strategist consultant. This team became the first outside group to be invited to work right in BMW Financial Services’ offices, which was instrumental in their work efficiency and overall success.

We adopted an “evolution not revolution” approach, to improve key issues rather than undertake a full overhaul. This helped us realize the sales website needed to focus more on lead generation rather than just providing information, and guided decision-making in tweaking different sections like pricing up options, commission calculation, and the BMW rewards platform.

LINE messaging was utilized as a source of interaction, encouraging customers to connect as a friend and get information through the app’s automate responses.

Fluxus also emphasized research throughout the process. The team instigated user testing for each stage of the redeveloped website and ran workshops with the BMW Financial Services staff. Through this, we were able to transform the development in an agile way. The working process was divided into sprints with deliverable goals, and through our Lean UX workshop, the buyers’ journey was investigated, iterated upon, and improved.

Thailand International Motor Expo 2019

Our marketing campaign ahead of the expo had to pre-qualify potential customers to attend, to maximize productivity at the event, where the BMW team would be presenting unique deals and offers. A multi-channel approach was used for this, using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and LINE, in addition to custom-built landing pages.

The updated “Your BMW Leasing” section of BMW’s customer-facing online presence was finished in time for the Expo. Also, the LINE service, with the re-designed official account, was a big highlight. Fresh content released through LINE during the event helped engage with customers and generate sales.


Collaborating with BMW Financial Services’ team resulted in a record sales year regionally. The marketing campaign carried out before the Thailand International Motor Expo 2019 successfully pre-qualified over one thousand leads that the sales team followed up with during the event. The LINE venture showed 5,787 accounts signing in and connecting, with 554 new contracts tendered as a result. Following the 6-month project’s completion at the end of 2019, our partnership was renewed throughout 2020.

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