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Engaging Brand Interaction with Online Content Management

Yubl, a social messaging application, wanted to implement a method for brands to edit and share messages over their platform. It had to be interactive, as well as robust enough to provide a good differentiation between the app and larger competitors like Facebook, Snapchat, and others. Yubl turned to Fluxus for developing the Web Tool, an online composer with rich content creation features and enterprise-grade publishing workflow.

Choosing Methods

Yubl knew that creating the Web Tool would require exceptional content management. This was one of the main reasons they chose to work with Fluxus on this project, due to our previous expertise with enterprise-level content management systems, and work on similar projects.

Having connected as partners on this venture, Fluxus proceeded to share our chosen project management approach – a lean delivery workflow called Focus. This method emphasizes deep understanding of business goals, both the “what” and the “why”. It also seeks to delivery value quickly and efficiently within deadlines.

Fluxus and Yubl started the project with a workshop to help each of their teams best understand the project’s goals, priorities, workflows, and strategies. Then, they got to work together.

Delivering Success Feature-by-Feature

Both teams developed a list of the Web Tool’s needed functions. With these in place, the Fluxus team could then start working to deliver them one-by-one, integrating features that were always ready to be deployed, to consistently deliver incremental value. These included features such as:

• Permissions controls

• Approval processes

• Post scheduling

• Multimedia upload options

• Composition tools

Collaboration and Development

Over the course of development, the Fluxus team worked in-house at Yubl. This allowed both teams to easily share the same vision and facilitate efficient collaboration without disruption or rigid scheduling.

This was a key factor in Fluxus delivering the first version of the Web Tool, with all core functionality, in just one month. This gave Yubl enough time to fine-tune user experience ahead of the app’s February 2016 launch.


Both teams comfortably met the February 2016 deadline, with the fully-functional Web Tool launching as a solid, polished product alongside it. Marketers were quick to use the Web Tool for promotion, with international brands such as Red Bull, Oxfam, and Time Inc joining in. Having the tool ready at launch was a huge benefit, many brands said, The Yubl app was featured on the “New Apps We Love” list on the App Store, and surpassed Snapchat and Instagram in downloads on the May 2016 chart.

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