Case Study

TrueID In-Trend

Collaborative Media with Administrative Authorization

True Digital is a part of the Thai communications giant, the True Corporation. They wanted to create a User Generated Content and editorial platform for the Thai market and beyond. Fluxus was brought in to lead in technology and project management. Here’s how we were able to introduce, integrate, and scale the platform to True’s needs

Proving Market Fit

Our team, consisting of a tech lead, a senior project manager, a lead developer, and a UX resource, were tasked with creating the first version of the platform from scratch within 30 days. The team would be able to prove market fit by making a platform where creators could manage and display content for a small monetary reward. Key features included options for editorial approval and creator logins, and the platform would need to be able to be scaled without major technology refactoring.

These requirements led to our team’s decision to build the platform on a multi-cloud setup with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, using Drupal content management and a React front-end. With these tools working together, True would be able to efficiently scale the platform. After 30 days, “OnScene” was launched.

Solutions and Processes

With the successful OnScene iteration launch, True moved forward with Fluxus to integrating the platform into their ecosystem, and rebranding it as TrueID In-Trend. At this point, we were faced with the challenges of enabling TrueID’s single sign-on to the platform and integrating content to TrueID’s website. These had to be done in under two months.

Our team immediately got to work on combining True’s sign-on with the new platform’s, allowing creators and users a hassle-free account migration. Additionally, a new front end was needed, as our platform became a part of the larger TrueID system. After some usability research and iteration, the Fluxus team got to developing the reader site, adding an API Gateway, allowing both user content and True partner content to be displayed on TrueID if needed.


With the build in place and integrating, scaling was the next priority. The platform had to grow in terms of creators and content, as well as more readers consuming the content. To boost creator-side engagement, a gamification strategy was introduced, providing incentives and rewards to creators to write about specific topics. This, plus a Facebook acquisition campaign, saw a 900% increase in published creators and a 700% increase in average weekly articles.

The platform was SEO-optimized, supported by non-SEO technical campaigns to scale organic viewers to the TrueID UCG content. These efforts were successful, resulting in a 585% increase in site visitors within the quarter. Community Moderators were introduced to scale editorial control with user increases, and groundwork was laid to enable automation in the moderation process.


The creator platform we developed for TrueID became an essential part of TrueID’s strategy, and our team was contracted to continue work on the platform. New initiatives were planned, including leveraging machine learning and AI technologies for further improvements. Our team, working closely with True, were able to get the platform up to 4.2 million page views with 1.2 million active users on a monthly basis. The site continues to expand, with more than 85,000 published articles, growing by up to 1,000 every day.

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