Transforming Rawpixel

RAWPIXEL is one of the world’s biggest producers and sellers of stock imagery. They sell approximately 10,000 images a day (April 2017). They have a reputation in the market for the high quality of their images, which capture realistic scenarios and are used by everyone from independent bloggers to global brands.

They were growing at rapid speed but soon they found this growth limited by the platforms they sold on. They needed a space where they could showcase their images, get full credit for their work, and take more control of revenues. So they turned to Fluxus to develop an image platform of their own and support them as they built a fanbase ahead of its launch.

  • Delivered an early preview site in just 40 days
  • Developed this into an inspiring image platform
  • E-commerce capability built & ready to launch
  • +11,500 early subscribers against a target of 10,000
  • Integrated 3rd party services to deliver to budget