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Transforming Rawpixel

RAWPIXEL is one of the world’s biggest producers and sellers of stock imagery. They sell approximately 10,000 images a day (April 2017). They have a reputation in the market for the high quality of their images, which capture realistic scenarios and are used by everyone from independent bloggers to global brands.

They were growing at rapid speed but soon they found this growth limited by the platforms they sold on. They needed a space where they could showcase their images, get full credit for their work, and take more control of revenues. So they turned to Fluxus to develop an image platform of their own and support them as they built a fanbase ahead of its launch.

  • Delivered an early preview site in just 40 days
  • Developed this into an inspiring image platform
  • E-commerce capability built & ready to launch
  • +11,500 early subscribers against a target of 10,000
  • Integrated 3rd party servicesto deliver to budget

From stock image studio to independent marketplace

RawPixel was a stock image seller on top of its game. Their images were sold on the world’s most well-known image sites - Getty, Shutterstock, and iStock - and available to users around the world. The same giant image-selling platforms that had introduced RawPixel to an audience of millions soon became their greatest challenge. At first, commissions of 50 to 90 % had been fine - sales volumes made up for the high rates - but when the platforms shifted from pay-per-image to subscription models, RawPixel’s revenues fell. Soon RawPixel began to see other flaws with the platforms, such as brand awareness as well as no access to valuable business intelligence - such as trending search terms - that would allow it to match its studio output to market demands. In short, the agency model was no longer working.

“We’re a young company, we’re dynamic. We wanted to launch the website quickly,with the flexibility to change and adapt. So we wanted someone who could fit with that.

Fluxus took our plans and progressed them quickly using an agile development methodology.

It’s been a great way to enable us to build our team, to share knowledge, to share skills. And it’s brought us to a position where we can manage ourselves moving forward.”

Louise Churchill, Managing Director, RawPixel

After spending time at the RawPixel office, getting to know the studio workflow and business structure, we suggested an impact-driven development workshop. RawPixel were unwilling to compromise on their ambitious vision for the project, but budgets were tight. In the workshop the Fluxus team started by visualizing the ideal platform, then stripped away unnecessary features until they arrived at a play that would be able to deliver to RawPixel’s high expectations and budget.

An agile delivery approach allowed the team to go live with phase one in just 40 days. This early version  of  the  site  gave  the  RawPixel  team  a solid foundation for their marketing activity. RawPixel then posted one free image each day and promoted it on social media. This was the ‘sweet  spot’:  just  enough  to  drive  crucial  user acquisition ahead of launch, but not so much as to alert the major image platforms. As time went on, the preview site also served as an effective test bed for new features.