BBC Store

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Multi-channel Commerce With Britain’s Biggest Brand

BBC STORE is a video-on-demand platform, featuring over 7,000 hours of video content from the BBC’s extensive catalogue. It is owned and operated by BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation, one of the world’s largest broadcasters with commercial revenues in excess of £1bn per year.

  • Integration with BBC iPlayer & BBC iD
  • Complex catalogue & rights management
  • Scaling & performance for authenticated users
  • Powerful e-commerce & editorial capabilities
  • Agile delivery with multiple stakeholders

A Transactional Video-on-demand System to Compete With the Global Giants

To  compete  effectively  in a crowded  media landscape,  BBC Worldwide required  a direct-to-consumer video-on-demand  offering. With DVD sales declining across  the market, and customer relationships being  crucial to long-term positioning, BBC Store was conceived as a  web and mobile B2C platform, with Drupal selected as the content management system. As iPlayer averages over  200m plays per month, supporting existing iPlayer viewers was a key commercial aim. The platform also needed to support a range of e-commerce features, including physical and digital vouchers, and time-limited promotional pricing. As well as complex licensing rules, the platform would also need to provide APIs to allow customers to watch their BBC Store purchases in native mobile applications and via iPlayer.

“Fluxus provided the technical insight we needed to ensure success, and I look forward to working with them again.”

Michael Blake, VP Architecture & Engineering

In order to deliver an innovative and effective product, BBC Worldwide engaged Fluxus as delivery consultants, working with the BBC’s in-house technology division to plan and execute the development of an open-source solution based around Drupal. A key driver for BBC Worldwide’s selection of Drupal as the content management system was their existing successful experiences of Drupal on BBC Good Food and Top Gear brand sites, each serving high volumes of traffic, successfully scaling to larger audiences in past years. Fluxus consultants worked on both sites and were able to bring their experience to BBC Store. Fluxus placed a team of consultants with existing expertise in ecommerce, video-on-demand, and large scale content migration, and this team was able to use this knowledge to inform both architecture and engineering practices.

Successfully delivered features include

  • Flexible and powerful e-commerce for video, including individual pricing, coupons, vouchers and promotions
  • Single sign-on across BBC Store and other BBC web properties
  • Two-way integration with iPlayer, allowing customers to begin purchases from iPlayer and return to watch their purchased content
  • Catalogue of thousands of products, each with individual complex rights determining availability for purchase and playback
  • Caching and performance enhancements to support large numbers of authenticated users
  • Editorial and reporting tools to enable site editors to manage on-site advertising and promotion of key brands, content and campaigns