UX and Digital for Hotels - Mobile and Image Design Considerations

Mobile first

There is no need to explain the importance of having a mobile ready website. But we should stress the benefits of thinking mobile first, which means designing for mobile screens first and then taking it all the way to the biggest screens possible.

• 42% of tourists are ‘Connected Travelers’, having used a smartphone to plan or book a trip

• ‘Connected Travelers’ are twice as likely as all other travelers to book accommodation, activities and attractions via a mobile device

• 72% of ‘Connected Travelers’ use their smartphones to browse, locate and book restaurants

• 34% of ‘Connected Travelers’ want mobile check-in offered by their accommodation

Images are key

When it comes to hotel bookings, users want high quality photos of every corner of the hotel.

One of the reasons users check multiple websites before booking is to find the most accurate information about the hotel and better quality photos to make a more informed decision.

As a part of an excellent hotel user experience, it is important to create a visually compelling website.

Keep in mind though that visually heavy website tend to load slowly which is a huge issue for mobile users. According to Kissmetrics, “40% of people will abandon a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load.”

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