Finance Transformation

Decluttering complex finance processes to ensure the delivery of cutting edge financials

Transformation has been on the agenda for some time now and an array of consulting firms have emerged offering their services to businesses.

With the ability to work with both standard or bespoke systems with the intention of enhancing financial reporting and analysis, their goal is simple - make life easier for Chief Financial Officers, Financial Directors and their teams.

The move to block chain enhanced technology has been a huge step forward for the finance industry but the critical challenge is utilising the right system for your business model that can not only produce the stylish reports that all C-Suite executives and senior managers crave, but also reduce the sizeable workload faced behind the scenes in the back offices.

At Fluxus, we will work with your organisation to design and create a cost effective end-to-end process that will enhance the financial systems already in place.

From increasing the efficiency of the support office to improved reporting and releasing head count to the front office, the finance function of your business can be truly commercial.

Our approach is to ensure that the pre-existing business process mapping is married and amalgamated within a new system to ensure a rigid structure is not forced onto the business.

This will ensure that AP/AR efficiencies are delivered not as an afterthought, but as part of the core project of your business.

Our Financial Transformation process

The goal

From faster management accounts, better dashboard reporting or an enhanced cash cycle, we can discuss the goals of the transformation in order to design a way to facilitate change.

The problems

How effective is the current system you have in place and how does it work within your current business procedures? We can assess the competitive environment your organisation is in as well as the constraints of your financial process to discover an effective solution.

The process and solutions

There are a number of practices that can be orchestrated in order to achieve a more efficient operation. This can range from selecting better systems and providing connections to developing internal linkages and leveraging external ones. Changes within roles and the overall business process can also be analysed.

The outcome

Unlike other consulting firms, we are system agnostic and flexible, while also trying to ensure a post-implementation continuity approach. Staff will be upskilled not just to understand how the new methods will work, but also how they can support the business as a whole.

Working with Fluxus will ensure that you miss the following pitfalls:

  • Poorly defined outcomes allowing the system to drive the business

  • Additional complexity by overcomplicated GL or Cost Centre design

  • Poor understanding of current business process/resistance to change

  • Lack of resourcing from the business to support the tech team

  • Poor data cleansing and data cut over

  • Poor change management principles, communication and training


To find out more, speak to our principal consultants.

Gareth Linkedin Profile

Gareth Davies

MD/Digital Transformation Consultant

Gareth runs our business in Asia, is a regular speaker on Digital & Business Transformation, Digital Strategy, as well as the Internet of Things.

Gareth is the lead Digital Transformation consultant on the BMW DX project & is the digital advisor to the British Chamber of Commerce.

Contact Gareth:

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Carl Crick Linkedin Profile

Carl Crick

CFO/Finance Transformation Consultant

Carl is a commercially minded and passionate CFO/COO who enjoys challenging roles and who has a track record of building successful finance & IT teams.

Carl focusses on restructuring Finance and IT (implementing IFRS & SAP HANA); refinancing the company and restructuring the entities taking on more hands-on responsibilities.

Contact Carl:

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