Digital Transformation

Your business's evolution from thinking digital to being digital.

In the current age of digital disruption, we guide businesses through their evolution from thinking digital to being digital.

Our service design & digital transformation consultants can help transform your digital strategy to compete for the 21st (and 22nd) century.

Service design.

Delivering value to people through innovating or improving systems, communication and material components of a service across every touchpoint.



  • ‘A day in the life’ research
  • Expectation mapping
  • Design workshops
  • Service role play


  • Service blueprints
  • Service prototypes
  • Storyboards
  • Design scenarios

Business innovation.

Designing more effective processes to increase your competitive advantage and likelihood of success.



  • Heuristic analysis
  • The 5‐whys
  • Shadowing
  • Stakeholder interviews


  • Business canvas model
  • Stakeholder maps
  • Value proposition
  • Customer lifecycle maps

Experience strategy.

Defining a customer experience vision and aligning activities and success criteria to create better experiences, resulting in happy customers, and healthy businesses.



  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Co‐Creation workshops
  • Value proposition
  • Think‐aloud testing


  • Experience roadmap
  • Touchpoint maps
  • Importance/difficulty matrix
  • Measurement criteria

Case Studies


BMW Logo


BMW Financial Services

BMW Financial Services Thailand is currently undergoing an internal digital transformation. Alongside this, there are several projects underway that require outside help and technical skills, as well as market knowledge.

BMW Financial Services brought in Fluxus to help them upskill their existing team to ‘think digitally’, increase analytics and business intelligence visibility, reduce reliance on paperwork, and personalise, simplify, and improve interactions with their customers.


Hands On Logo

Hand's-On Educational Consultants

Hand's On Educational Consultants sought Fluxus' help to increase conversion rates between enquiries and student placements, and improve their revenue.

Hands On and their international affiliates are looking to expand in the region. As part of this expansion, the company is globally looking to increase its digital offering starting with several key problems:

  • Analytics of the website
  • Conversion rate of forms and an increase in revenue
  • Cohesive presentation of information & data across all the companies sites

Fluxus ran a 2 day business focussed Lean UX workshop and Business Canvas Model, to understand how their current customers could gain more from a digital experience.


Talk to our Experts

Gareth Linkedin Profile

Gareth Davies

MD/Digital Transformation Consultant

Gareth runs our business in Asia, is a regular speaker on Digital Transformation, Digital Strategy, as well as the Internet of Things.

Gareth is the lead Digital Transformation consultant on the BMW DX project & is the digital advisor to the British Chamber of Commerce.

Contact Gareth:

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Django Beatty Linkedin Profile

Django Beatty

CEO/Digital Transformation Consultant

Django's expertise covers digital transformation, agile, product management, technical architecture, technical recruitment.

Django is one of the original Fluxus founders in the UK, was a former partner at Acquia, and Web Platform Lead at Capgemini.

Contact Django:

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