Business Transformation

The challenge of change to gain the competitive edge

The prospect of change to revitalise business practices can be met with scepticism but often the best route to progression is innovation.

Working to the needs of our clients, we strive to make suitable and effective modernisations to how the digital aspect of the business is conducted in order to best help meet the shifting demands of that specific market.

Our aim is to either revive the digital systems and processes currently in place or develop new ones to achieve clear improvements that can benefit the wider business as a whole.

Better practices, efficiency and effectiveness will inevitably lead to renewed stakeholder satisfaction.

Our team of dedicated and experienced consultants will work with your business to implement digital and business improvements in line with the organisation’s vision and goals and help you stay ahead of the competition.

How Fluxus approaches business transformation

The Goal

Where is your business now and where do you want it to be? What improvements are you looking to make? Once this is established, we can determine the best route to get there. These ambitions should be both measurable and achievable, but any changes that are established will be in line with the organisation’s overall vision.

Integrations, Systems and Processes

Better defining roles, structures and procedures whether in staff or systems and software and how that can improve the overall output. Working towards a pre-defined goal, we will develop an integrated and efficient set of strategies designed to achieve this. 

Data and Insights

Assessing the key information and digital analytics that help to dictate the flow of your organisation, how they are used to serve the foundations for decision making as well as the ultimate business strategies, and how they can be more productively utilised within new methods.


The scope for transformation within business will inevitably depend on technology. Analysis of current software and systems as well as its functionality will help determine its ability to meet the requirements of the project and what alterations are necessary.


The capacity to successfully achieve change will likely depend on staff and their capabilities at each level of the process. We can assess the competencies of the workforce and upscale their skills to allow them to optimise any new systems and software.

Case Studies

Fluxus has a proven track record of developing and executing such strategies, including our work with digital stock image producers RawPixel and one of Thailand’s largest telecom companies, True Digital.

Rawpixel Logo


Image studio RawPixel is one of the world’s biggest producers and sellers of stock imagery and has grown at rapid speed in recent years.

After discovering their growth was restricted by the platforms they sold on, they turned to Fluxus for help to ensure they continued to maximise their potential and revenue.

Requiring a space where they could showcase their images, get full credit for their work, and take more control of revenues, Fluxus developed an image platform of RawPixel’s own and supported them as they built a fanbase ahead of its eagerly anticipated launch.

Discover more about our work for RawPixel


TrueID Logo

True Digital

True Digital is a large scale conglomerate offering news, tv, cable and satellite and internet services, and wanted to prove that there was demand in Thailand for a User Generated Content platform that paid creators to create content.

Fluxus, in conjunction with Appsynth, were asked to provide technical and project management consultancy alongside cross functional team members to make this a reality.

Using an agile approach focussed on OKRs, the product was live within one month and integrated into True’s systems three months ahead of schedule, while Fluxus continue to provide technology and project management leadership to the product.

To find out more, speak to our principal consultants.

Gareth Linkedin Profile

Gareth Davies

MD/Digital Transformation Consultant

Gareth runs our business in Asia, is a regular speaker on Digital Transformation, Digital Strategy, as well as the Internet of Things.

Gareth is the lead Digital Transformation consultant on the BMW DX project & is the digital advisor to the British Chamber of Commerce.

Contact Gareth:

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Django Beatty Linkedin Profile

Django Beatty

CEO/Digital Transformation Consultant

Django's expertise covers digital transformation, agile, product management, technical architecture, technical recruitment.

Django is one of the original Fluxus founders in the UK, was a former partner at Acquia, and Web Platform Lead at Capgemini.

Contact Django:

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