June 21, 2018

Event: Frontend - Reunited Conference 2018

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Frontend Re-United Bangkok

Empowering the local frontend community!


Frontend United is a conference that yearly hosts 25 legendary speakers talking about UX, browser performance, theming, Javascript and Drupal. ​​​​​This 1st of June FLUXUS will host the first remote livestream event in Bangkok! We will be participating live, with Frontend United in The Netherlands. 




This event is designed to make you feel just like being there,  in The Netherland. Get ready for a room full of enthusiastic designers and developers, a video-steam with an up-close of the speaker, T-shirts, booklets and more! - We even have a direct line to ask the speakers questions - More connected? Imposible!




On the 1st June you can join us from 12:00 until 20:00 where we will live streaming the conference from British Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok. We are limited to have only 50 people, so get your tickets before we get SOLD OUT. You can get them HERE


In addition to the live stream,  we will have our own Thai morning session, where will be hosting some of our own speakers!



Join this worldwide event! 




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Special thanks for our sponsors:


The British Chamber of Commerce in Thailand