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Powering revenue growth at YUBL by connecting brands to customers

Social messaging startup Yubl had ambitions to invite brands to join its user community. With this in mind, they turned to Fluxus for support in developing the Web Tool, an online content creation platform the brands could use to edit and share their messages.

The challenge? To quickly develop a working version of the Web Tool, then hone it in time for the app’s launch – as well as meeting the demands of today’s content creators.

  • Delivered a minimum releasable version of the Web Tool in one month, eliminating risk around launch and allowing Yubl to demo and recruit sponsors in advance.
  • Refined this version to launch with a highly polished product.
  • Quickly adopted by brands such as Red Bull, Oxfam, Time Inc.
  • Features and UX praised by content creators.

Close collaboration speeds development

Knowing they needed a CMS that would allow them to add custom features, Yubl chose Drupal as their platform. They then selected Fluxus as their development partner, impressed by the consultancy’s enterprise Drupal expertise and experience with similar content management and publishing systems.

“It’s been great working with Fluxus. Yubl and Fluxus have been integrated to the point that I consider the developers part of the Yubl team. Being so close to our Product team has greatly contributed to the success of the project.

Fluxus helped get the Web Tool to market in time for launch by being very proactive and agile, as well as supporting our vision.”

Jean Cambruzzi, Head of Product & UX, YUBL

Throughout the project Fluxus’s self-managing team worked in-house, embedded within Yubl’s Technology and Product teams. Not only did this allow the development team to fully absorb Yubl’s vision for the tool, it also made them more responsive to shifting priorities and new challenges. Rather than regular, scheduled meetings, the developers and Yubl teams could simply collaborate and talk through issues as they arose.

Working this way, Fluxus delivered a first version of the Web Tool, with all core functionality in place, in just one month. Critically, this eliminated any risk around the app’s launch date. Confident they had a working product for release, the team could then shift their focus to fine-tuning the user experience to arrive at the highly refined product Yubl envisioned – and brands demand.